Pet Comb 2-in-1

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Dual-purpose for removing mats and combing hair

Ideal for Medium to Coarse Long Hair Dog Breeds



  • Long-lasting polished steel construction
  • 2-in-1 pin spacing for de-matting and combing medium to coarse hair
  • Comfort hold rounded back and 7 inch comb length 
  • Longer than average pin length of 1.4 inches 
  • Safe rounded pins for no-scratch comfort 


  • Good for medium to coarse long hair dog breed
  • Multi-purpose design to shed, detangle, de-mat and fluff the hair
  • Gently detangles long hair for a more comfortable grooming experience
  • Longer pin length makes it easier to penetrate a double coat
  • Regular use ensures hair stays mat-free for better health and comfort

Here is Betty's 3-step process to keep your pet and home clean!

Step 1: Use this Pet Comb to detangle hair 

Step 2: Use the StripHair Gentle Groomer to comfortably remove additional loose hair from the body, face and legs with the benefits of distributing the natural skin oils for a softer, shinier coat and a relaxing experience for your dog or cat.

Step 3: Use Betty's Best Grooming Cloth Wipes to thoroughly clean the coat after grooming, between baths, and when coming into the house from outdoors. 

Long coats hide dirt, loose hair and odor. Betty offers you a complete solution!