November 19, 2019 4 min read

The big question: why the StripHair Gentle Groomer? The magic is a combination of the patented multi-purpose design and the unique material. With over 2 years of development to reach perfection… StripHair was worth the wait! Horses, dogs and cats all over the world are now loving grooming so much more. While there are different tools For Horses and For Pets, both tools feature the same benefits for your animals. Let’s cover 10 things that make StripHair so special…

The Gentle Grooming Edge

Many great things come from this feature. When used at a 45-degree angle, the Gentle Grooming Edge will seem to magically sweep away loose hair. This easy motion will also bring dirt & dander from the skin to the surface to be swept away!

Therapeutic Benefits

The same feature that cleans the coat so thoroughly also has impressive therapeutic benefits: Massage is known to improve circulation, which can greatly improve overall health and is especially important for older or less mobile animals. Take a look at our video that demonstrates how effectively StripHair works to increase circulation!

StripHair is greatly valued by those with performance horses. As with any athlete, the risk of injury or strain is greatly minimized by massage when used to prepare the muscles prior to work and again afterward to aid in muscle recovery. Every horse will benefit by the simple act of massage while grooming. When used in long, steady strokes, the animal will relax and many happily drift to sleep as they enjoy the feeling we’ve coined “gentle grooming”. 

grooming with gentle edge

It’s All About Grip

This is where the magic comes in. The primary reason StripHair does not rely on bristles or blades is due to our top secret material made of a unique blend of high grade natural tree rubber and other proprietary ingredients. Gentle pressure from the Gentle Grooming Edge only works because of the grippy nature of the groomer! Our patented blend of materials maintains the perfect amount of grip to effortlessly remove all loose hair, dirt and dander. 

It’s Flexible!

Perhaps the most attractive feature of the StripHair is that it is truly gentle. Due to the flexible nature of the material, the StripHair will conform to the body as you groom. When used for massage, the flexibility allows for steady pressure across the entire tool as you move over the different areas of the body. You cannot accidently bump or jab your horse, dog or cat when grooming the sensitive areas like the legs and face. The material was specifically developed to maintain perfect flexibility, unaffected by extreme weather conditions or regular use. 

grooming the legs with striphair


StripHair is more than safe, gentle, and also has tons of different uses! People most often use their groomers to de-shed their dogs, horses, cats and furniture. But that is not the only thing it can do! This tool also does an amazing job at removing dirt year-round, adding shine by spreading the skin’s natural oils, scrubbing away dried mud and sweat marks, spreading shampoo, squeegeeing water, warming the muscles, relaxing the animal, and even cleaning saddle pads. Most of the time, you only need a StripHair and a hoof pick, maybe a mane & tail brush, and you can get any grooming job done.


When it comes to shedding season, there are lots of tools that will get the job done. Many of these tools use a blade to remove the hair. But blades introduce risk to your beloved animals, especially those with sensitive skin. Lots of animals, horses and dogs, object to grooming with a rough bladed tool due to the way it feels scraping against their skin, or snagging the hair. StripHair was designed to get the job done while being safe, comfortable, and blade-free! 

striphair used on mastiff ears


Brushes with bristles serve multiple purposes in the grooming routine. Bristles are critical for detangling long hair, but they can also cause discomfort by scratching the skin when used on the body. Tiny scrapes can be problematic for those with sensitive skin! Bacteria loves to live in the bristles of dirty brushes too, which increases the chances of causing skin infections and spreading disease between animals. StripHair has no bristles - therefore nothing to scratch the skin of your horse, dog, or cat, and nowhere for germs to hide!

Staying Sanitary

Speaking of germs, they live all over the place, especially at the barn! The StripHair Gentle Groomer was made with antimicrobial material to prevent the growth of bacteria or fungus. The design itself defends against germs, since it is both nonporous and bristle-free! When needed, simply wash your groomer with your favorite cleaner to sanitize. Wash, rinse, wait a few minutes for it to dry, and you’re ready to go!

striphair is easy to keep clean and sanitary


The majority of the work is done by the Gentle Grooming Edge. Formulating just the right compound was 2 years in the making in order to ensure the edge would stay well defined. Made to last forever, the formulation was perfected to achieve all the necessary characteristics required to make StripHair perform so well. The StripHair Gentle Groomer is made to be your year-round grooming solution, year after year.

Pocket Sized

Finally, a perk to this Gentle Groomer that some might care more about than others: it fits in your pocket. You can easily take the groomer with you all over the barn, and the design means it stays snuggly in your pocket the whole time! Some people keep their groomer with them as they clean pens, and give each horse just a few minutes of attention with the groomer to improve the skin and coat, as well as build the relationship. This might sound simple, but have you ever tried to carry your grooming tools with you for a quick pasture visit? If you haven’t, then perhaps you should give it a go with a StripHair! Your horses will love you for it.

striphair fits right in the pocket