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StripHair Gentle Groomer for Dogs

Groom -Shed - Shampoo - Shine - Massage

Make grooming time enjoyable for you and your dog. The soft and flexible natural rubber effectively grips and removes loose hair--comfortably.


The StripHair Gentle Groomer is ideal for dog breeds with short to medium hair length coats, and any dog that has issues with anxiety, skin or aging discomforts.

Dog Video: Shedding the coat with StripHair ... Your Dog Will Thank You!

The patented grippy rubber material and "gentle grooming edge" feature are ideal for removing loose hair, dirt and dander from the coat, while increasing blood circulation and warming the muscles. Large breeds and senior dogs are the ideal candidates for The Gentle Groomer.


Dog Video: Dogs with short hair appreciate the StripHair Gentle Groomer


The softness and flexibility of the red StripHair for Pets is ideal for the short coat, and appreciated by dogs with sensitive skin, aging bodies, or anxiety. StripHair can remove hair on long coated breeds, but we recommend using our smooth tip metal comb to remove the undercoat, followed by the StripHair Groomer.

Remove hair from your dog, and the couch too! The flexible rubber with rounded edges makes grooming the body safe and comfortable. The grippy non-marking material is ideal for removing hair from couches, dog beds, and more!

DOG VIDEO: StripHair Groomer Sheds Dog Hair From a Couch

Does your hairy dog bed leave your washing machine hairy and your dryer lint catcher full?

Betty's Best Tip: Use the StripHair Gentle Groomer for Pets to remove dog hair from bedding before washing. The custom features help you get into the creases and make hair removal easy on dog beds-- and dogs!

DOG VIDEO: StripHair Groomer Sheds a Hairy Dog Bed

Dog Hair Everywhere... StripHair can help! When you take your dog with you in the car, take a StripHair Groomer as well to remove dog hair from auto upholstery and carpet, too!

DOG VIDEO: StripHair Sheds Dog Hair from Auto Upholstery

StripHair sheds hair on cats, too! On a dog filming day, this black barn cat plopped down at Betty's feet, and was quite happy to shed his winter coat ... all at once! The hair just kept coming! 



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