Revolutionize the Way You Groom with the StripHair Gentle Groomer

  • Replaces all your brushes and curry combs
  • Safe and comfortable to use on the entire body
  • Make your horse HAPPY!
  • Ultra durable material is built to last
Grooming Diamonds Remove Dirt and Spread Shine

Patent Pending Design

  • Gentle Grooming Edge used at a 45-degree angle will remove loose hair and add shine
  • Large diamonds remove dried mud and sweat, as well as lather shampoo
  • Small diamonds & tapered ends comfortably groom the face and legs


  • Orange & olive oils increase durability, performance and benefit
  • Anti-microbial agents and nonporous structure provide lasting sanitation
  • Flexible and durable combines comfort and effectiveness
StripHair Gentle Groomer sheds loose hair
StripHair Gentle Groomer is Flexible


  • Remove loose hair during shedding season
  • Lather shampoo and remove water on bath day
  • Remove dust & mud everyday
  • Distribute natural oils for beautiful shine
  • Massage to improve performance and your relationship
  • Groom entire body - including face & legs!

Gentle & Effective

  • Horses and dogs both enjoy The Gentle Groomer
  • Safe to use on every part of the body
  • They'll love the feeling - you'll love the convenience!
StripHair Gentle Groomer on Legs

StripHair Gentle Groomer


  • Replaces your brush, scraper, and shedding tools
  • Made to last
  • Antimicrobial material and easy-to-clean design eliminates risk of spreading pathogens
  • Your horse will LOVE it
  • Use as a massage tool to improve your horse's performance and your relationship
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StripHair Gently Groomer


Pat Parelli

Pat Parelli

Horse Trainer

I bought 5, put them in all my grooming stations. All the horses love them. It's gentle gentle gentle...not like those metal curries. It works better, and the horses love it. There's only one thing beyond genius, and that's simple. This thing is both genius and simple. And it really works.

Alyssa Overeiner

Alyssa Overeiner

Horse Trainer

This is my favorite grooming tool! Instead of carrying a full box of tools I can simply put the StripHair in my pocket and walk out to the field to groom my horses. I’m especially impressed with how well it removes caked on mud! I would recommend this tool to anyone!

Rachel Long

Rachel Long


I use my gentle groomer everyday. I only have this tool and a hoof pick - sometimes a brush for their manes and tails! It works to remove dirt, hair, water, mud, anything and everything! I like that I can use it on the face and legs too, and the horses are super happy and relaxed when I groom.

Hannah Elizabeth

Hannah Elizabeth

Horse Owner

The most amazing product I’ve ever owned. I love the fact that my tack box is not stuffed with metal Curry’s, sweat scrapers and all that. I’ve been taken over by the amazing strip hair! I will be getting all my products from Betty! She’s amazing too! Please before you doubt it like I myself did try it! All my friends at the barn are always using mine. 

Betty's Best Healthy Skin

Healthy Skin 8 oz Bottle

$14.00 $16.00

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Betty's Best

Betty's Best Healthy Skin

All-natural ingredients, quality assured. A thoughtfully selected blend for optimal skin health. 

Treat Skin Infections

Naturally anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial. Use to aid the healing process of a wide variety of ailments.

Soothe Irritaions

Helps calm skin irritations and abrasions. Conditions the coat, producing softness and shine

Reduce Itching

Hydrates and soothes dry, itchy skin. Reduce scratching to allow the skin to heal.

Repel Bugs

Repels ticks, fleas and flying insects, keeping irritated areas bug-free while the skin heals.

Customer's Love the Many Uses of Healthy Skin!

Just wanted to say I so love your Healthy Skin spray! One of the horses I ride gets beat up and had a palm-sized area of skin missing - for four months, nothing grew back. Within 3 weeks of using your spray once a week, there's new growth; I had to do a double-take to find the once-bald patch. Thank you for making great products!

This is the best product I have ever tried for treating my cats, dogs and horses for skin problems of every kind. Have used it on hooves with abscesses with great and fast result. Sores, lesions heal quicker. Betty uses high grade essential oils in this product. I called to verify this - and when do you ever get to speak with the owner of a company you purchase from! Spoke with Ms Betty directly - so nice!! I just purchased 2 more large bottles for my herd of 8. A little goes a long way also. Penetrates skin well - not greasy. Also used on myself for dry, cracked hands.

StripHair Warranty

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