January 24, 2020 2 min read

Groomingyour dog can have greater benefit than you might know. Here are three things to be mindful of:

1. Groomingtime is quality time together

You and your dog have a real relationship and quality time spent together is what your dog wants most. Taking time each day to mindfully groom your furry friend can be a special shared experience – a peaceful way to help you both unwind and fulfill your pets need for affection.

2.Building trust by grooming

Physical contact plays a large role in building trust, an essential component for a happy dog. If your dog suffers from trust issues, or simply lacks confidence, grooming (without causing discomfort) can be the answer to help him feel overall more secure. Reassuring your dog that it’s okay for his body, feet and face to be touched will not only make grooming enjoyable but also provide your dog with the attention he needs to thrive emotionally.

3.Grooming as an alternative treatment for anxiety

How mindful grooming can reduce stress and build confidence in dogsIf you’re a pet parent looking to avoid giving your pup pills or CBD, grooming is an ideal, and natural,  way to decrease his anxiety when done properly. The body’s main stress hormone is cortisol, best known for fueling the flight-or-fight response. In shelter dogs, grooming has been shown to reduce cortisol levels while also increasing oxytocin, a hormone known for encouraging social-bonding and nurturing. Grooming can also lower your pet’s heart rate, helping him to relax. The StripHair Gentle Groomer is the perfect tool to ensure a rewarding grooming experience. With no bristles to scratch the skin or tug on the coat, your furry friend will quickly relax knowing there is no risk of discomfort or harm. The gentle stroking motion of the soft, flexible material is sure to instill a sense of calm in both of you. Remember that grooming should be enjoyable – never stressful – and the right tool is the key to success.