March 20, 2020 3 min read

Grooming is not just for his coat, but for his wellbeing! We explore 10 reasons why you should groom your furry friend on a regular basis.

We’ve all heard that grooming is important, but we might not realize that it means more than just maintaining the cleanliness of your pet. Whether you have a dog or cat, there are so many other health and social benefits to regular grooming! Curious? Read on to learn more about how versatile grooming really is.

#1. Grooming promotes a healthy coat

The look and health of your pet’s coat is the most common reason grooming is encouraged. Brushing your dog or cat can help remove loose hair and dirt for a cleaner coat, and prevent painful mats and knots in their fur. Brushing also helps spread natural oil throughout the coat, helping to keep your dog or cat’s fur shiny! The addition of Grooming Cloth Wipes can keep the skin and coat clean between baths. 

#2. Grooming prevents double coating

Irregular grooming can lead to overgrowth of your dog or cats’ fur, which can cause him to overheat.  Incorporating regular grooming can remove unwanted hair, decrease shedding, and help to remove dead skin and dandruff that can get stuck in your pet’s undercoat.

#3. Grooming helps to build trust

Grooming is an easy way for you to have more physical contact with your pet. This is especially important if your pet is a new puppy or kitten. Starting to groom early will get him get accustomed to touch and the sensation of brushing which can be startling or uncomfortable for some animals.

#4. It gives you an opportunity to check your pet for abnormalities

Another perk of grooming is that it allows you to examine your pet for anything out of the ordinary. You can check for lumps and bumps on his skin, ticks, fleas and dry patches – all while you’re brushing. Finding these problems early is always best, as they can be treated right away, before they become serious.

#5. Grooming increases circulation

Grooming is one way you can give your furry friend a massage – a therapeutic technique known to improve blood flow. Regular massages are a simple way to increase circulation and increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your pet’s soft tissues.

#6. It’s a way of identifying sources of pain  

Animals can feel pain for a variety of reasons, but unfortunately they’re unable to speak to us. While you’re grooming, take note of your dog or cat’s behavior. If he doesn’t look comfortable throughout the grooming experience, that’s an indication there could be something wrong.

#7. It’s also a way to resolve pain

Inflammation occurs when the body sends extra fluids and nutrients to muscle tissue to resolve microdamage that can occur from exercise, age, and other factors. Grooming helps flush out the increase of fluids, reducing inflammation and muscle soreness.

#8. Grooming reduces anxiety

Does your pup suffer from anxiety? Gentle grooming sessions have been shown to reduce cortisol levels – the body’s main stress hormone. To help calm your pet’s fight-or-flight response and lower his heart rate, try brushing him with his favorite grooming tool! It’s a natural way to help him relax and show him some love.

#9. It helps your pet’s immune system

Another benefit of grooming is its effects on the lymphatic system. Grooming helps to improve the flow of lymph fluid to the lymph nodes, one of the major defenses of the immune system. Think of grooming as a way of helping to boost your dog or cat’s natural defenses! Sometimes the skin needs a little help from irritations like bug bites and abrasions that can turn into bacterial infections. We recommend an all-natural plant-based skin care solution for your pet. 

#10. It’s a way of spending quality time together

In the hustle and bustle of life, sometimes we need to be reminded to slow down and spend time with those we care about. Taking a few moments out of your day to brush your dog or cat (or both!) can be a relaxing way to unwind and show affection to your pet.

While grooming may seem unnecessary, it is a simple act that is vital to your pet’s well-being. Adding grooming into your regular pet care routine can easily improve the health and happiness of your pet. Try it today – your furry friend will thank you!


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