StripHair Duo

Black & Red
Black & Black
Red & Red
  • Savings on 2 StripHair Groomers for Horses or Dogs + Free Shipping in USA for a limited time!

    The StripHair Gentle Groomer comes in Original black or Sensitive red. Choose from a pair of black, a pair of red, or a combination of black and red.

    There are differences in the material characteristics of the black and the red StripHair Groomers that you can learn more about in the tab for Horse and tab for Dogs, but generally Black is best for Horses and Red for Dogs.

    With regular use the StripHair Groomer, Original or Sensitive, can improve the condition of the skin and coat while aiding the body in good blood circulation and muscle warming for better health, mobility and comfort.

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  • for Horses

    The black StripHair Original is robust, extremely durable, flexible for use everywhere on the body, with UV sun protection and resistance to bacteria and fungus. Ideal for horse massage and grooming, and large dog breeds with fuller body and regular to coarse hair.

    The material characteristics are perfectly suited for grooming horses and for lasting durability with regular use and exposure to the elements--especially compared to the softer red StripHair Groomer.

    The StripHair Original was designed to make quick work of grooming as a 6-in-1 tool. The unique all-in-one design offers unlimited convenience to groom, curry, shine, shed, shampoo, slick, and massage. Serious therapeutic benefits while grooming a horse... it just doesn't get better than that!

    The black StripHair Original is ideal for nearly all horse grooming -- it is plenty flexible for using everywhere on the body and is enjoyed by even sensitive "thin-skinned" horses.

  • for Dogs

    The red StripHair Sensitive, compared to the black, is more flexible, delivers a softer grooming touch, offers a soft hand grip for the user, has less abrasion resistance, and should be stored away from the sun.

    This softer red tool is ideal for dogs with a short coat, bony frame, aging or anxiety issues. The red Gentle Groomer can be used to gently remove hair from upholstery and dog bedding. Ideal for horse and dog massage therapy preparation, and for calming nerves.

    Dog Shedding of double-coated breeds can get a head start with a shedding rake in early spring, but the black StripHair Groomer Original is a comfortable maintenance tool any time of year, or as an alternative for hair removal of larger dogs with medium to long hair.

    The StripHair Sensitive is ideal for dogs, horses-- even cats --that dislike sharp tools that tug on the coat and can scratch the skin.