; Betty's Best StripHair Bundle

Betty's Best StripHair Bundle

Betty's Best StripHair Bundle is the StripHair Gentle Grooming Kit  + Saddle Pad Saver.

Simplify your horse grooming and tack cleaning routine. StripHair products are all multi-purpose, durable and effective. Buy the StripHair Bundle and Save $6 now!

StripHair Gentle Grooming Kit includes:

  • StripHair large groomer - a multi-purpose and flexible tool  to effectively and gently remove loose hair, dirt, dried mud and sweat from the skin and coat. StripHair can also be used to massage tired muscles, as well as scrub and slick at bath time. 
  • StripHair mini groomer - a shorter and thinner tool than the large groomer, perfect for gently cleaning away loose hair and dirt from the face and legs, and can even be used on the hooves; a convenient size for small hands or your pocket!
  • Betty's Best Healthy Skin 4oz spray -  an all-natural solution with high-grade essential oils to nourish, relieve and treat a variety of animal skin issues.
  • StripHair Grooming Cloth - a grippy, easy-clean material to clean the horse's face and wipe away dust on the coat
  • Saddle Pad Saver - use to safely clean saddle pads, blankets, cinches, splint boots and other tack of hair, dirt and dried sweat. 


    INTERNATIONAL?  2 money-saving options: 

    - SAVE on shipping!  2 StripHair Bundles fit in a package for the ship rate as 1.  

       Country TAX & Duty due upon delivery. 

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