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StripHair Gentle Grooming Kit

The StripHair™ Gentle Grooming Kit for Horses Includes:

  • StripHair Gentle Groomers, large & mini set- use to groom, clean, shed, bathe and massage -- effectively and gently. StripHair is flexible and perfect for the face, legs, bony areas. Sensitive skinned and anxious horses will love the way StripHair feels. It is therapeutic, calming and health promoting. 
  • Betty's Best Healthy Skin 4oz spray - use this all-natural healing and nourishing solution for a variety of skin issues
  • StripHair Grooming Cloth - moisten with water to clean the horse's face and wipe dust from the coat
  • Burlap Bag - a breathable storage bag for StripHair grooming supplies 

The StripHair Gentle Grooming Kit is all you need to keep your horse looking great all year long! The large StripHair is an all-purpose grooming tool that will effectively and gently remove loose hair, dirt, dust, dried mud, and sweat. StripHair can also be used to massage tired muscles and bathe your horse.The mini StripHair tool is the perfect size and flexibility for gently grooming the face and legs. Great for small hands and to keep handy in your pocket! 

Try Betty Approved StripHair, your horse will love you for it!

INTERNATIONAL?  2 money-saving options: 

- ORDER 2 with a Friend! 1 - 2 StripHair Kits ship for the same shipping cost.

- Order in your country. Find StripHair RETAILERS in Australia, Canada and Europe 

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