StripHair Horse Bundle

BETTY'S BEST Products for Your Horse in 1 Convenient 8-Item Bundle

StripHair Gentle Groomer - Award-winning design and custom rubber blend. Remove loose hair, dirt and dander from the coat, then finish with Skin & Coat Grooming Cloth Wipes to remove remaining hairs and dust from the coat. 

Skin & Coat Wipe Renewal Solution - Perfect for rewetting a reusable cloth wipe for round two! Slide-lock bag for ease of re-wetting cloth and for travel pack convenience.

Skin & Coat Stain Remover - Pairs perfectly with the Cloth Wipes for wiping away unsightly coat messes. This safe, natural, no-rinse solution will be your new favorite!

Skin & Coat Cloth Wipes XXL - 2x larger than the average pet wipe, this 12x12inch re-usable and eco-disposable bamboo cloth is super large, thick, absorbent and strong for use on horses, a bath-alternative for large dogs, or any cleaning most anything! 

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