StripHair Horse Bundle

BETTY'S BEST for Your HORSE in a Convenient 8-Item Bundle at a 35% Savings! 

StripHair Gentle Groomer with Storage Pouch - Remove loose hair, dirt and dander while stimulating blood circulation, warming the muscles and adding shine to the coat. So versatile! Use wet as a coat scrubber and water scraper at bath time. Unique patented Edge and Diamond features with wedged ends and safe rounded corners offer multi-purpose functionality. StripHair is Made in the USA of natural rubber with added ingredients for grip, durability, and lasting protection. Breathable mesh bag included for storing the StripHair Groomer, with room enough for your essentials. 

Skin & Coat Cloth Wipes XL & XXL - Big and small coat cleaning jobs made easy! These 12x12in and 8x8in reusable, eco-disposable bamboo cloths are large, thick, absorbent and strong. Natural plant ingredients make them healthy for you and your horse. Gentle and safe for use around the eyes, strong enough for scrubbing coat stains, cleaning tack, boots, or anything else! 

Skin & Coat Wipe Renewal Solution and Bag - All the goodness of the Cloth Wipes solution in this convenient bottle. Betty's Cloth Wipes are so durable you can wash and re-use them! The Renewal Solution is ideal for rewetting a reusable Cloth for round two! Comes with a slide-lock bag for ease of rewetting a cloth and for travel pack convenience. 

Skin & Coat Stain Remover - Pairs perfectly with the Cloth Wipes for removing unsightly coat messes. This safe, natural solution will be your new favorite for horse (and pet) coat-cleaning needs. 

StripHair Bundle Tote Bag - Insulated zippered bag for storing the natural products that make up the Horse Bundle. 

BETTY'S BEST StripHair Bundle comes with a Happiness Guarantee on each item.