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StripHair Saddle Pad Saver

The StripHair Saddle Pad Saver™ is simply the best at removing ground-in hair, dirt, and grime. This StripHair tool will safely clean saddle pads, blankets, cinches, splint boots, and more. It is comfortable to hold and has a clever feature designed to clean seams. The StripHair Saddle Pad Saver™ is simply the best -- and Betty Approved!  

Please note: the Saddle Pad Saver should not be used to groom animals due to its rigidity.


Due to the high demand for the StripHair Saddle Pad Saver (and other related products), there will be a slight delay in fulfilling your order. Not to worry, it won’t be long before your package is wrapped with care and sent on it’s merry way to you. I appreciate your understanding and patience... Your horse will thank you!

~ All My Best, Betty xoxo

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