January 13, 2020 3 min read

Most animal caretakers have a favorite grooming tool they reach for again and again. Chances are, it gets the job done, but grooming is about so much more than removing loose hair and deshedding the coat, which the majority of tools on the market simply don’t address this. Enter StripHair®The Gentle Groomer®. This all-in-one grooming device is turning grooming into a therapeutic bonding experience that makes horses, dogs, and cats look and feel their best.

Created by Betty’s Best, Inc. in 2014, The Gentle Groomer is an award-winning product that stands in a class of its own. The proprietary formulation of natural tree rubber, orange essential oils, and antimicrobial agents, was over two years in development. The unique shape and texture was designed to gently and safely draw dirt and dander to the surface, remove loose hair, produce a natural shine, and provide a soothing massage while conforming to the body. Unlike traditional tools, there are no bristles, blade, or sharp edges that can scratch the skin, tug the coat, damage the hair or cause discomfort. In fact, StripHair can be safely used everywhere on the body to improve the condition of the skin and coat, while providing therapeutic benefits.

StripHair The Gentle Groomer veterinarians

Over the past five years, this unique tool has quickly become the go-to for animal lovers and industry experts alike. “My horses made it clear that they enjoy The Gentle Groomer simply by their relaxed posture,” says veterinarian Dr. Chris Pankau. “In contrast, they will try to move away from a metal curry or shedding blade, and I don’t blame them. StripHair is a flexible tool with useful features that make grooming easier for me while providing my horses a beneficial massage in the process. Through the years, I have observed that horses relax and react positively to firm flat/stroking hand pressure on their bodies. I believe the StripHair Gentle Groomer mimics this pressure because of its physiological (increased blood flow) and psychologic (calming and reassuring) effects.”

Indeed, The Gentle Groomer has been shown to stimulate circulation, as well as warm the muscles before activity, and promote faster recovery. Like Dr. Pankau, holistic veterinarian and equine bodywork instructor Dr. Angelique Barbara was fascinated by the diverse value of this tool. “I purchased my first Gentle Groomer in 2018 to use on my horses,” she says. “I was very impressed with the quality of the tool, and also noticed that it had the bonus ability to warm up the horse’s soft tissues in addition to removing loose hair and dirt. I began recommending it to my students as a pre-massage and kinesiology taping prep tool.”

StripHair The Gentle Groomer veterinarians dogs

Unlike harsher tools such as metal blades and curry combs, The Gentle Groomer is intended for regular use– regardless of the season. It promotes the natural shedding of an animals’ winter coat, removes dried mud or ice balls on horse coats in winter and spring, and keeps coats gleaming throughout the summer. You can even use it during bathtime to scrub and slick off rinse water!

“In addition to how it comfortably fits in my pocket, one of my favorite aspects of StripHair is its ability to shape to the curvature of a dog's body regardless of size,” says retired veterinarian Dr. Patricia Dedrick. “It also grabs the short hairs on the lower hind legs without fear of laceration. Another big plus of this clever tool is the durability saves me money and multi-purpose functionality saves me time, something I know all animal caretakers are happy to have more of.”

“The time we spend grooming our animal companions is extremely valuable and should be purposeful and effective,” says Betty, the creator of The Gentle Groomer. “Here at Betty’s Best, every day is ‘bring your animal pal to work day’ and they are every bit as passionate as we are about our mission to improve the well-being and comfort of all animals.”

Why choose The Gentle Groomer?

  • Removes shedding hair and dirt from coat and skin
  • Distributes the skin’s natural oils for a softer, shinier coat
  • Relaxes hair follicles and smooths the coat
  • Flexible structure will conform to all parts of the body
  • Will not harm skin or hair follicles
  • Will never cause discomfort
  • Warms skin, muscles, and fascia before activity and/or bodywork
  • Wicks away rinse water after bathtime
  • Can be used in place of a sweat scraper
  • Does the job of multiple grooming tools, saving time and money
  • Sanitary and easy to clean
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Offers year-round benefits
  • Recommended by large and small animal experts