September 05, 2019 3 min read

The StripHair Gentle Groomer is a multi-functional tool that does so much more than either your curry comb or brush. While you use the StripHair to remove dirt and dander, hair and also massages your horse to improve circulation and distributes the natural oils of the coat for a lovely shine.

StripHair Wins at Versatility

What is the best thing about the StripHair? That can be hard to decide! For Kate, the versatility of the groomer might be her favorite feature. Being sturdy enough for tough grooming while also being gentle enough for sensitive areas, Kate can use her StripHair Gentle Groomer on her horses with different preferences:

“All four of my horses love this tool. Two of them prefer gentle grooming and the other two are so itchy and prefer a stronger (scratchier) grooming and yet all four of them LOVE THIS. It’s amazing for those more sensitive areas (like legs, spine, and throat latch) but still tough enough to get tons of hair off the major shedding areas. It works great for regular grooming and bath time too. This is honestly one of the best grooming tools I’ve purchased.”

She has some great pointers on how she takes advantage of StripHair’s Gentle Grooming Edge and how to use it as a daily groomer too:

“Takes a little getting used to - it seems to work best for me if I use it kind of like the dandy brush for hair removal, and you have to angle it a bit (not flat on the body). For mud removal and regular grooming, using it flat works best. I definitely recommend this product!” - Kate

The StripHair Gentle Groomer will shed the hair from your horse gently and safelyStripHair's gentle grooming edge is amazing at removing hair, dirt and dander from your horseThe StripHair Gentle Groomer used flat will replace your brush and curry comb to remove dried mud and dirt

Summer Coats and Stain Removal

While shedding might be the most satisfying thing to watch the StripHair Groomer accomplish, customers quickly learn that they can do much more year-round! Leslee has found that the StripHair can even help remove stains from her horse’s white legs:

“This is the best grooming tool I have ever used. I've been a horse owner for over 25 years. I bought my StripHair about two months ago and it never leaves my sight! Not only does it shed out hair well, it continues to shed summer hair that you don't even know is there! I use it every single day! I own a horse that has four high white legs....yes, he is covered in yellow, green and brown stains in the morning. The StripHair groomer actually helps pull out even those nasty stains. I will never be without my StripHair from this day forward. If you don't have one, it's well worth its weight in gold!!!” - Leslee

The StripHair Gentle Groomer is great for bathing your horse with shampoo or water

The Magic of StripHair

Hannah needs no introduction - her horses are enjoying overall health advantages now that she uses a StripHair in her daily grooming routine! The hardest part? Keeping her StripHair from the rest of the barn.

“Best Grooming Tool Ever!!! I cannot CANNOT say enough good things about this tool. I’ve had my StripHair for about a year now and it is the only thing that gets me and my horses through the day. As someone with a very hairy mini, I relied heavily on shedding blades to get her through shedding season as quickly as possible (as that much fur in SoCal was making her miserable).

I bought a StripHair (which at first I was very skeptical) and immediately I saw a difference. With daily use my horses shed out more quickly and evenly, my mini is actually done shedding by the time the real heat gets here and she can enjoy the sunshine instead of hiding in the barn under the fan. Their coats are shinier, they are more stretched out before rides, and bathing is a breeze because this tool is an all-in-one magic wand.

The StripHair is more than worth the money (which as someone who tried to maintain both a budget and an equine hobby seemed like a bit much) but I truly do not have enough good words for this product. I have such a hard time keeping it in my grooming kit as it has become a fan favorite at the barn! (I’m putting my foot down though and making everyone buy one!)” -Hannah

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