June 05, 2020 2 min read

Grooming your dog or cat isn’t just a seasonal task! It’s important regardless of the weather, and the benefits go far beyond “getting the hair out” during shedding season.

We recently posted a blog about how animal caretakers can help their animals shed naturally, especially during shedding season. But we can’t forget that grooming is crucial regardless of the time of year. From the state of your animal’s skin to her mental and emotional well-being, grooming plays a major role in how she feels and behaves all year round!

Grooming isn’t just about the hair

Many people believe that grooming is all about an animal’s coat, and that it’s only important to brush and bathe regularly during shedding season. It’s often not until a dog is scratching and biting at himself, or a horse rubs his dock raw, that we take notice of the fact that shedding benefits the skin, too! Routine grooming using the StripHair Gentle Groomer will increase stimulation, circulation, and nutrient flow to the skin, hair follicles and underlying fascia. Increasing blood flow can reduce swelling, relieve soreness, speed healing and increase oil production while also keeping these sebaceous glands clean.

Not understanding the importance of the skin can result in detrimental grooming practices such as over-washing with oil-dissolving soap. Stripping your pet’s skin of the natural oils can leave the skin less hydrated, increase the risk of infection, and cause inflammation as well as irritation. Another grooming faux pas involves using harsh metal tools that pull the hair and scrape the skin.

StripHair grooming time

When it comes to supporting skin health and overall well-being, the Striphair Gentle Groomer can do what a regular shedding tool can’t. Its uniquely patented Gentle Grooming Edge and Soft Cleaning Diamonds remove loose hair and add shine by distributing natural oils into the coat, and protect the skin from sun, heat, and cold. Brushing your horse or pet with this one-of-a-kind tool will help get rid of excess hair and dead skin, and using it during bathtime will help keep the coat shiny and free of skin irritants, fleas and ticks.The nonporous structure of The Gentle Groomer and the anti-microbial agents included in the material, ensures that The Gentle Groomer will never grow or harbor any bacteria or fungus.

Because The Gentle Groomer is therapeutic in design, it offers numerous emotional benefits as well. Not only does it help foster the connection between you and your animal, it also works to ease anxiety while increasing endorphins – the “feel good” hormones. It really is the best all-in-one tool for grooming – even after shedding season ends!

 For more information on the StripHair Gentle Groomer and how it can benefit your pet all year round, click here.

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